10 Ways to Keep Employees Motivated

10 Ways to Keep Employees Motivated

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Employees are the building blocks of an enterprise. There are obvious positives to keeping employees enthused, stimulated and motivated at work. Contented workers are likely to be productive ones. As an entrepreneur, one can try searching for new ways to maintain productivity while providing each individual with the drive they need to perform to the best of their ability.

Here are few ideas to keep your employees motivated:


1. Back innovative ideas and creative thinking
When employees approach you with feedback or a solution to a problem they feel is in the interest of the company, it’s a sign that they share your concern for the company. Encouraging fresh ideas and giving employees an opportunity to implement their suggestions is motivating.


2. Create an open & collaborative work ecosystem
Small, partitioned cabins suppress creativity and can make employees experience isolation – leading to them become lonely and unproductive. Offices that have a more open plan lead to a more collaborative style of working, which in turn enhances productivity and teamwork.


3. Empower each employee
Each individual in a company adds to the bottom line. Empowering them to shine in their specific role, builds a sense of ownership that will lead to increased morale and job satisfaction. Including employees in the decision-making process can also help nurture prospective managerial talent. Productivity increases when staff feels invested in a venture.


4. Recognise & reward good performance
Employees need to feel valued and appreciated, especially when they perform well. This can be in terms of monetary rewards – such as pay hikes, increased benefits or promotions. Or the reward can be in terms of boosting morale such as through praise ora special award for a job well done.


5. Listen/ Communicate with employees
Keeping open communication channels is one of the best human resource management practices. Giving time to listen to anything from concerns to ideas will not only make your staff happy, it will also provide you a deep understanding of your business from the point of view ofthe people who keep it running.


6. Have patience
Business owners have a propensity to be preoccupied with quick results. Patience will prevent you from having unreasonable expectations and will allow your staff to complete tasks efficiently.


7. Make each day interesting
Employees may suffer from a short attention span. Break the monotony each day -- organise in-house contests, celebrate milestones such as birthdays and anniversaries.


8. Steer clear of micromanaging
As an entrepreneur, you must have faith in your team. When employees feel that they are trusted to get the job done, there feel more motivated. An ideal business is one where the employees grow in performance and skills along with the growth of the company.


9. Lead by example
Your staff must respect you as a worthy leader in order to work wholeheartedly for the company’s growth. The finest leaders are those who lead by example.


10. Encourage humour & create a warm working environment
Humour and laughter is contagious and creates a free and happy working environment. Warmth and humour can go a long way in keeping employees motivated.


The art of keeping your team motivated can pay rich dividends and contribute immensely to the growth of an enterprise. Management guru Zig Ziglar sums it up best, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing.  That’s why we recommend it daily.”


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