A healthy mind, a healthier boundary

A healthy mind, a healthier boundary

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Patricia Koh

Patricia Koh

127 week ago — 3 min read

It is a well-known saying that health is wealth, but its focus is more on physical well-being rather mental health. Though this is not to say that it is of less importance because nowadays, mental health is becoming a material focus that is necessary to provide a healthy and safe space.


While it is true that the study and understanding of mental health remains complex, there are ways where enterprises may start by considering these steps for the benefit of not only employees, but for everyone that makes up a company.


1. Set realistic goals – One should set goals that are straightforward to achieve. With this, one takes a step that is sure without being weighed down by the pressure. This enables individuals to have a better focus on each goal and move forward with better results.


2. Take up relaxation activities – Companies have a long-standing tradition with team buildings that strengthen the relationship of both employees and employers. It is high time that mental health is also factored in by including relaxing activities that eases the mind and relieves the stress so that the body and mind may be one again.


3. Breathing exercises – At the start of each shift, or during every break, employees and employers should include breathing exercises in their routine. This may seem small and simple, but it helps in calming down the system and recollecting oneself.


4. Communicate with your peers and superiors – By talking it out and being open with feelings, understanding begins. So, companies should have an open and safe channel where both employers and employees may address and discuss what stresses them and how they can respond healthier.


5. Establish work-life boundaries – We only have 24 hours a day, eight of that are spent in working a full-time job—more if with overtime. That is why it is important to create balance between your responsibilities and enjoyment such as separating schedule allotted for work and for the time you should be spending for yourself, family, and friends.


Indeed, a successful company creates good backstories. But a company that can provide a healthy and safe working environment by considering not only physical but also mental health, creates an empire. As success doesn’t only come with enduring the storm of pressure, it should also include the calm and balance that we can find within.


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