Building a personal brand can help you in your business journey

Building a personal brand can help you in your business journey

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Prateek Srivastava

Prateek Srivastava

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With the prevalence of the digital age, the world continues to become a global village as internet technology fosters the idea of a composite yet unified global community. The dominance of the internet is so extensive that people first research about you on the Internet before meeting you. And if you happen to have a Facebook, LinkedIn or GlobalLinker profile then you already exist on the internet  there is a personal presence that you have. So it is not about choosing as to whether or not you want a personal brand; it is more about populating your personal presence with healthy content so as to create the impression that you want to create.


However, social media activities constitute a very minor part of personal branding efforts. Perceptions run deep and one needs to modulate brand value across the spectrum to remain authentic and credible. After all you are the CEO of yourself – your behaviour, conduct, habits, interests etc. constitute a part of you, they showcase how you are as an individual. The same needs to be applied to your personal presence on the Internet. It needs to be built with the right set of tools.


This spread of tools will help you in exploring yourself and further defining your value. This will enable you to build a brand that firstly attracts you and then your potential customers for your offerings.


With business becoming ever more competitive, your best way of staying ahead and justifying it is by having a unique brand among your peers. In the end, it is all about what you are known for. Others should understand your unique promise of value once they see your brand power. Having a personal brand gives you the leverage of switching or entering into different ventures, without having to think about linking them all as your personal brand will be the umbrella body for these. Hence, first make yourself a brand and then fit your business offerings around that.


The branding process gives you an opportunity to share your identity and impact the perception others have about you and the services and products your business offers. Potential customers no longer see a huge difference in products and services but they do see a huge difference in brands and how they project themselves. This leads to the creation of a strong personal brand which helps in attracting clients and increasing sales. Giving you the chance to position your brand as the leader in the marketplace.


Consequently, increase your online power – as you build your personal brand, you will notice that you will get a loyal following online and be able to influence others, thus increasing your brand trust and credibility. Finally make a lasting impression in your followers mind, make them come back to you again and again as and when they think of a product or service in your industry. This gives you the stature of a thought leader in your industry - something invaluable in your business journey.


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