Creating possibilities one wood product at a time

Creating possibilities one wood product at a time

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Enterprise: Crate Possibilities Enterprise
Founder: Catherine Padrinao
Industry: Lifestyle Products – Home Decor
Year it was founded: 2017
Location: Rizal, Philippines


Back in 2016, Catherine Padrinao joined a school bazaar where she made her first wooden crates and trays with the intention to just highlight her display for her home-baked goodies.

People noticed the setup and asked where she got the wooden crates and trays. That gave her the idea to make some and sell online to her fellow home bakers at first. Luckily, she was blessed to have the resources to start with from her late father’s legacy who was also in the woodworks industry before. It had been her family’s long desire to really have a business and they would always pray for guidance on what business to pursue.

Her husband came up with the business name one night which was also derived from his favorite bible verse, “That with God all things are possible”, and so Crate Possibilities was born in early 2017.

The couple started with online selling. Since she is a stay-at-home mom, she just utilized their resources through the help of their skilled workers and her time at home. Her brand was given an invitation to join a bazaar at U.P. Town center in December 2017, that made the couple more convinced and decided to really pursue and grow their business.

Their first market exposure led them to get more orders and they received a lot of good feedback from their clients as well. Praying and wanting to make it really big one day, they made their first step by having their business DTI registered early in 2018.

This even led them to the many opportunities offered by the agency. Catherine has come across the Kapatid Mentor Me Program (KMME) program when she attended one of DTI’s free seminars, since then she worked hard to be part of this rare opportunity given to MSMEs.

And as their business believes that with God all things are POSSIBLE and with a lot of prayers, their biggest blessing came when she was officially chosen to be a mentee of KMME program. It was an answered prayer at that time. DTI has changed her mindset to always be better than what she was yesterday. Competition, struggles, and challenges will always be there and its part of being an entrepreneur to face all of these.

She believes that what’s important is you have your heart and mind ready and set for the goal no matter what may come along the way. With all the assistance and aide given by DTI, she feels more empowered and ready now to take on the next step.

Another blessing and opportunity came in when they were officially chosen to be part of OTOP Next Gen 2019. This gave them an even more in-depth assistance on how they can develop their product to be more competitive in the market.

Through the help of expert mentors, they are now in the process of developing their products into something more. A product that will give their customers the many possibilities when it comes to home décor. The business-owners are truly overwhelmed with grateful for all the help that DTI has been giving them. 

It is her dream to have their products be part of every home, business, occasion or events that will surely create happiness for everybody. She plans to have their own product line of home decors display in some stores like All Home, Landmark, Mandaue, and the likes. She also wants to be able to reach a bigger market that can afford their products and be able to join national trade fairs as well.

These plans and dreams are big but again they believe and have faith that with Him all things are possible. Hard work, perseverance and intensive improvement and development are all necessary to achieve all of these. They are committed and inspired to reach this goal even more.

She is a firm believer that they are here for a reason, for a purpose set by Him. He planted this seed into their hearts and surely, He will let it grow and nurture it because of His grace. She hopes that through Crate Possibilities and the many possibilities that their products can give, people will also be reminded that in life all things are possible if they never give up, work hard and have faith in Him.

To find out more about Catherine’s products, you can visit her online store here ( Buy local; support women-led enterprise!

Crate Possibilities Product

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Source: DTI

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