Female entrepreneur uplifts Marikina shoe industry with her comfortable and classy shoes

Female entrepreneur uplifts Marikina shoe industry with her comfortable and classy shoes

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Enterprise: Shoe Room
Founder: Abby Medina
Industry: Retail - Footwear
Year it was founded: 2011
Location: Marikina City, Philippines

Fresh out of college, Abby Medina decided to have her own shoe retail company, Shoe Room. Coming from a generation of shoemakers, Abby had always envisioned herself of becoming an entrepreneur.

“I grew up playing in our shoe factory,” she shares.

Shoe Room offers classy and comfortable shoes made in Marikina, the shoe capital of the country.

In conversation with GlobalLinker (GL), Abby Medina (AM) shares her business journey.

GL: Tells us a little bit about yourself.
Growing up, I was trained to be an entrepreneur. On weekends, I usually sold snacks and drinks to our factory workers and neighbors. As I grew older, I always envisioned myself to be an entrepreneur. After graduating from college, I decided to have my own shoe retail company- Shoe Room

GL: How did you start your business?
AM: Selling comfortable and fashionable shoes was a dream after my college graduation. I pursued selling ladies’ footwear because we already had our own shoe factory. Shoemaking is our bread and butter. I wanted to build my dreams by making and selling shoes.

GL: Tell us about the unique challenges that you have faced working on this enterprise
When I started to launch my brand, I received a lot of doubts from clients. As a business startup, you have to work hard to earn the credibility you wish to have. I toiled day and night to gain the trust of my clients and eventually be proud of the brand I have launched.

GL: As a woman, was it harder or easier to face this challenge?
As a woman, it was easier to face this challenge because women are known to be more resilient than men. Women will do everything and anything to reach the goals they want to achieve.

What is the unique advantage of being a woman in business?
As a seller of ladies footwear, it is an advantage to be a woman because you can easily study what they want.

GL: Are there specific DTI programs, training, or assistance that helped you overcome business challenges?
AM: DTI KMME Program was a game changer. It helped me be more aware of the things I need to prepare my business with.

DTI SMERA is also very helpful for me as I am supplemented with the recent trends on different business aspects.

GL: How has your enterprise helped and empowered other women?
I am able to help my women resellers gain confidence and extra money by allowing them to resell my shoe brand. I am thankful for all the positive feedback I received from my resellers. Most of them were able to contribute in dividing the expenses of the household.

GL: What message can you share with others, especially other women, who are looking to achieve their own dreams?
AM: Never give up and do everything with so much love and passion. The burning desire to achieve the goals you have set will serve as your inspiration to do better and be better. Put your heart in everything that you do.


To find out more about Abby’s products, you can visit her online store here (shoeroom.linker.store) Buy local; support women-led enterprise!

Shoe Room Products

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