Good health is good business

Good health is good business

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Summary: It’s no secret that staying healthy can help you work better and achieve your goals. Here are some simple hacks that can make all the difference to your health and enable you to fulfill your business potential.


An entrepreneur’s life is often dedicated to their work. Though this may be necessary for the entrepreneur to achieve business goals, health often suffers as a result. Long working hours, not enough sleep and snacking at odd times can compromise one’s health.


But it is important to be cognizant of that fact that good health is the engine that impacts all our endeavours, not just for an entrepreneur but for any individual. Neglecting health can lead to maladies that impact daily functioning. Health problems could eventually affect concentration and the quality and quantity of work that an entrepreneur is capable of.


Here are some ways an entrepreneur can ensure they maintain good health:


1. Ergonomic workspace - Long hours will be devoted to working. That is a given and non-negotiable for most entrepreneurs. Given that this is the case, there is one variable that can be changed to mitigate the harm that a sedentary life can have on our body - workspace equipment. Ergonomic chairs, desks and tables can go a long way towards reducing the harm that office life can have on a body. These chairs are scientifically designed to ensure the health of your back, neck, joints and other risk areas that are the first to cause problems because of long hours of sitting at a desk. If you feel the investment is not worth it, think about the costs in terms of healthcare, pain and missed work goals that a bad back can have.


2. Eat and snack healthy - It is not uncommon to gain weight in stressful periods because of extra eating. It is frequent practice to order fast food when working late or doing a working lunch. However, a good diet is essential for maintaining energy levels and ensuring that you stay fit in the long run. Picking your indulgent meals wisely, laying off the pizza and the fried food can help both your waistline and concentration levels. Snacking healthy by eating carrots, celery or having fresh vegetable juices as opposed to chips or cups of sweetened tea and coffee can also cut down on the calories and help you achieve your optimum level for health.


3. Exercise - The human body is not built for a sedentary lifestyle. A study from the University of Arizona in the US coined the term ‘Sitting is the New Smoking’, and found that sitting 6-8 hours a day, can lead to an increase in risk of heart disease, diabetes and many other ailments. The key then, given that work has to be done and those hours have to be put in, is to exercise. Building a regimen for exercise can keep the body flexible and healthy and will also have you more energised and productive day. Exercise is something that requires discipline and consistency, but the rewards are well worth it.


4. Keep moving - Continuously sitting for long periods of time is not healthy. Much like on long plane rides where passengers are encouraged to stretch their legs and do exercises, you must take short breaks during the course of a work day. Get moving for even 5-10 minutes every one hour to mitigate the harm of a sedentary working lifestyle. There are exercises that are designed for people to perform while at their desks.


5. Take time off and unplug - An entrepreneur’s work never ends, or so the adage tells us. But it is important for you, as an entrepreneur, to examine your priorities in life besides work and find time for these components. Unplugging from work helps bring a fresh perspective when you go back to it, and also keeps motivation levels up. Time taken to travel, spent with family and friends and to pursue a hobby is also worthwhile. This time promotes a sense of well-being that translates into better physical and emotional health.


Becoming a healthy entrepreneur is something that is very achievable by making a few lifestyle changes. Make these changes and reap the rewards in better health, work and life outcomes. 

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