How to keep harmful radiations & negative energy at bay

How to keep harmful radiations & negative energy at bay

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Harshit Kapadia

Harshit Kapadia

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Summary: There are several factors that negatively impact the energy of a place. Dr Harshit Ravindra Kapadia sheds light on these lesser known culprits and how to spot them.


There are many unseen forces that may influences the energy field of premises as per the principles of Vastu and Feng Shui. In ancient times, people were hardly exposed to high frequencies and radiations, thus resulting in better energy and health.

Cell phone towers and large antennas

In modern times people are exposed to greater electromagnetic radiation than ancient times. While checking the external surroundings for Vastu and Feng Shui of the premises, it is important to observe visibility of cell phone towers and antennas from the premises. These days, many office buildings have exposure to massive amounts of powerful wireless radiation, which in turn affects health.

Health effects

The radiations from large dish antennas and cell phone towers can interfere with the body’s own EMFs (electro-motive force), causing a variety of potential health problems, such as:

  • Mental stress
  • Cardiovascular stress
  • Migraine and headaches
  • Concentration and memory loss
  • Fatigue

For scanning the impact of these radiations on energy levels of the premises, various gadgets are used. One needs to observe from windows, whether mobile antennas or large dish antennas are visible; how close it is to your property and at what height it is. It is also important to check the volume. Many buildings have cell phone towers on their terrace. Several office premises have large communication devices and dish antennas on their rooftop. Such devices emit harmful radiations and occupants living directly below these are likely to experience more stress levels. Wi-fi is an addition to this. Most homes are equipped with high-end Wi-Fi devices, which generally are switched on at all the times.

Railway / metro tracks

Since there is constant movement of trains, railway lines and metro lines indicate vigorous movement of energy, which has an impact on the properties that are nearby. Generally, it is better not to have tracks passing closely from the front or back of the property. If they pass from sides, the impact on energy of the property is reasonably less. Elevated train columns / pillars should not cut the entrance of the property. If it cuts the entrance, it indicates blockage and people tend to experience obstacles in opportunities and business. From higher floors, if there is visibility of overhead wires from the windows, it adds to the stress of the occupants.

Hospitals & public places

Home is a place where one wants peace and harmony. When you enter your house, it should have great vibes which enables you to eliminate stress and enjoy family life and togetherness. As per the principles of Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui, it is advisable to avoid properties near a hospital. Ideally one should avoid view of a hospital from the bedroom. A residential property must be avoided on an intersection of roads, near schools and busy public places. The reason to  is that constant sound and continuous movement of people as well as vehicular traffic, mixes with the energy field of the premises which impacts family members, their physical and mental state. Avoid buying premises next to a place of negativity and sorrow.

Drainage line

Every property requires water and also drainage to drain out dirty water. Water is one of the very important sources for getting energy into the property. A drainage line signifies drain of energy. It is recommended to avoid open drains and sewage lines. When foul smell from drains enters the property where you live, it adds to lot of negativity in the property. In case there is an open drain near your premises, have them covered. Sewage treatment plants can be used in societies / industries / office complex as they are better for the environment and for nature.

Dark colored buildings

People staying in buildings painted with a dark colour from outside are prone to lack of vitality and occupants tend to remain in the past. High mood swings within the occupants are also observed. The remedy for such buildings is that the external portion of the building should be painted with light colors. This smoothens and calms the vibrations. The temporary remedy is to use light shades of curtains, bed sheets, door frames, tablecloth, carpet, etc. The obvious remedy is to paint such buildings with light color as soon as possible.


Other remedies

  • Switch off Wi-Fi at night while sleeping.

  • Where there are strong Wi-Fi signals in your property, it is important to open up windows and allow fresh energy to enter in.

  • If cellphone towers/antennas are visible very closely from your property, plants work as a good solution to create positive energy. Plants need to be kept towards the window. Use indoor plants. Avoid keeping them in bedroom.

  • Avoid sleeping directly under mobile towers or large dish antennas.

  • Use of light green colour bed sheet while sleeping helps in calming down energy levels.

  • Live planters can be kept in office cabin or near workstations whey office is exposed to high-frequency mobile towers/antennas.

  • Avoid sitting/sleeping below air condition chilling plants / AHU units.


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