Introducing TradeConnect – An initiative for cross border trade and learning

Introducing TradeConnect – An initiative for cross border trade and learning


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Running a small business comes with myriad challenges and is often an isolating experience. Entrepreneurs may feel that they alone are struggling against all sorts of odds, whereas the reality is that small business owners around the world face similar challenges. Networking with other business owners can be a source of learning, inspiration and exploring business synergies. While networking locally is essential, business today is often done on a national or global scale. In a connected world, SMEs with their local strengths have the potential to reach the world. Indeed, as the world gets smaller, there are numerous of opportunities for businesses to expand internationally and appeal to a global audience.

TradeConnect: Business growth in a connected world

TradeConnect: A Cross Border Trade & Learning Meetup is the crystallization of the vision to bring SMEs from different countries together. The first ever TradeConnect event in Singapore will bring business owners from India & different ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries and industries together to interact with each other, explore cross border business opportunities, listen in on expert sessions & knowledge series, and understand how cross border trade can be made easier. TradeConnect is a first of its kind event that will focus on connecting SMEs in the ASEAN region. This all-expenses paid event, presents SMEs with myriad opportunities to expand their business beyond geographical boundaries.

SMEs: Backbone of the ASEAN economy

Technology has given SMEs a level playing field and unprecedented flexibility and agility to grow. In most Asian countries, SMEs are the backbone of their national economies. India alone is home to around 65 million SMEs, which contribute to 11% of GDP, 45% of total manufacturing output and provide employment opportunities to more than 100 million people. In Philippines, SMEs comprise of 99.6% of all registered businesses and employ 70% of the workforce. Similarly, SMEs are at the heart of Singapore’s economy. They make up 99% of all enterprises, employ two-thirds of the workforce, and account for about half of Singapore’s GDP.

For future sustainability, these SMEs need more business. So, what should SMEs do to become sustainable, get 'more business' and explore new business opportunities? The answer is simple, SMEs need to expand their global footprint. TradeConnect aims to bring the SMEs from different countries together and bring them unprecedented global exposure and networking opportunities.

InformationWeek defines globalization as the ability of a company to engage, co-create value, and succeed with any partner or customer regardless of geographic location, size, or business-technology infrastructure. Every enterprise must now realize that there are no boundaries when it comes to business, trade or technology. TradeConnect is an unprecedented opportunity for SMEs to embark on global expansion.

Explore a world of business opportunities at TradeConnect @Singapore.

Want to be part of TradeConnect? Find out more on how your business can be part of TradeConnect, here.

Here's an inside look at TradeConnect 2018, held on 14th November in Singapore.


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