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PRICELOCQ for Consumers

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PRICELOCQ for Consumers

The first and only app in the Philippines that lets you buy fuel while the price is low, and redeem it whenever you like at over 300 SEAOIL stations nationwide.

: 03 Feb 2029

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  • Offer Details

    - Get a Php 300 Discount Voucher on Buy Fuel upon sign-up.

    - Voucher is applicable upon checkout for a minimum Buy Fuel transaction of Php 3,000.
    - One-time use only.
    - Available for the 1st 100 Google Forms sign-up

    - NOTE: User must sign up first through Google Forms to receive the promo code, before creating a PriceLOCQ account

    - NOTE: Voucher will be typed while signing up in the app and cannot be redeemed after user registration

  • How to avail the offer?

    1. Fill up the Google Forms

    2. Wait for the voucher code email within 24 hours of submission.

    3. Download and register!



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