Bounce Back launches 'SHINE' music video to give a message of hope

Bounce Back launches 'SHINE' music video to give a message of hope


BounceBack Network

BounceBack Network

29 Oct 2020, 13:00 — 2 min read

In times of darkness, we can shine a light for each other for a brighter world.

This is what Jason dela Rosa, founder of Bounce Back, tries to convey through the single titled, ‘Shine’, which he wrote and produced together with Emanuel Quibilan.

“Everyone can be a shining light for someone in the crisis to help that person find his way out of the darkness that shrouds us. Together, we can make things brighter,” he shares.

Launched on 24 October 2020, the song imparts a strong message of hope where several entrepreneurs, CEOs, professionals, and artists participated in the music video to show their support and spread the message of positivity.

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What you can do to spread hope

If you know some people who are struggling during this pandemic, you can share this video to them and let them know that they are not alone in this battle.

Together, let’s shine a light for a brighter world!

Watch the video below (best with headphones):

You can stream the music on the following:

Spotify –…
iTunes –
Apple Music –
Amazon Music –

“SHINE” – Emanuel Feat. Janice Javier
Together with men and women shining a light for a brighter world
A Song by Jason dela Rosa
Produced by : Jason dela Rosa, Gelix Mercader, Emanuel Quibilan
Musical Director and Arranger/Engineering: Eric Pamintuan
Video Production: Gelix Mercader, Inigo Lorenzo, Isaiah Joaquin
Lyrics/Co-Author and Vocal Arrangement: Emanuel Quibilan
Guitars: Gino Madrid
Keyboards: Chen La madrid
Bass: Gian Yap
Recorded at OnQ Studios Shot on Location:
After Freedom Co-Working
Copyright 2020 Bounce Back Network /Jason dela Rosa

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