How to enable Google Analytics for your eCommerce store

How to enable Google Analytics for your eCommerce store


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

13 Apr 2021, 17:56 — 2 min read

While knowing what to sell is vital, knowing your customers, potential customers, and their behavior is imperative. The most effective way to understand your customers and their behavior is by using the traffic statistics by Google Analytics. Google Analytics is web analytics offered free of cost by Google that tracks and reports the traffic on your eCommerce store.   

Google Analytics provides you with an enormous amount of information about who is visiting your store and the behavior patterns.

UnionBank GlobalLinker’s eCommerce platform allows you to integrate Google Analytics to your in five easy steps. Here is how: 

Set up your Google Analytics on your in 5 easy steps.  

Step 1:

Visit to create your google analytics account, or if you have a Gmail account, you can continue with the same. 



Step 2:

Create your analytics property. In Google Analytics property is a website, mobile application, or a blog that its unique tracking ID. Once you select on the website, enter your website details.




Step 3:

After you receive your tracking ID, copy the tracking ID. 



Step 4: 

Open your dashboard go to the settings- UnionBank GlobalLinker’s Analytics section, enter the copied tracking ID on the Google field and save. 



Step 5:

Congratulations, your Google Analytics is now live; you can go back to the tracking web page to cross-check. 




Go ahead and integrate Google Analytics in your eCommerce store, and start analyzing valuable insights. 

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