Introducing digitalization to Transport Group Cooperative

Introducing digitalization to Transport Group Cooperative

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Christian Jon Rillera

Christian Jon Rillera

4 Dec 2019, 16:30 — 2 min read

To introduce the trend of digitalization and provide quality service to the public, Gasmee Corporation and Taytay Transport Group Cooperative inked partnership on November 13, 2019.

With the partnership, the transport group will learn more about the technology where they can check and monitor their monthly consumption of fuel and get access to other services of Gasmee, a startup company that delivers fuel through a mobile application.

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Previously, the government mandated the transport group to put up small gas stations to their terminals as an initiative of the modernization project that will cost P2.1 million. With the sealed partnership, this fund can instead be used for their other concerns.

“We’re excited to use the technology for our group because it seems like we are riding on the trend of digitalization of the technology,” said Miguelito Salgado, General Manager of Taytay Transport Group Cooperative.

Because of the partnership, the members of the group will no longer need to go to gas stations to fuel their vehicles, and will only have to wait for the fuel delivery at their respective terminals.

The transport group expressed excitement about the initiative since it will help them save more time in their work activities. The time its personnel used to spend in going to gas stations can now be used for other worthwhile purposes, including having good interaction with their fellow workers.


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