My greatest inspirations in life and work

My greatest inspirations in life and work


Sridhar Narayanaswamy

Sridhar Narayanaswamy

30 Jul 2018, 12:01 — 5 min read

Summary: Inspiration comes in many forms. It can be thoughts, ideas, sounds, actions and even other human beings. Here, an entrepreneur shares the sources of inspiration that guided him through his journey.


Just like Newton discovered gravity from a falling apple to Alexander Fleming discovering penicillin to yield the first antibiotic in the world, inspirations have forever changed the history of mankind. So, what were my greatest inspirations in life and work?  And how have they changed my life?


Reminiscing about my decade long career in the banking sector, I remember the day I came in for my interview for a reputed bank. The Head of the Bank was conducting the said interview and towards the end he asked me the customary question – “Well, do you have any questions?”


Cautiously I asked him, “I have a background in IT. I have worked with computers, written programs, built algorithms and developed software. I don’t have a background in banking, except for the fact that it manages my money.  Why would you even consider me?"


He looked at me with a poker face and I wondered if I had made a rookie mistake in jumping the gun and assuming I had been already selected.  After considering it for a while, he finally replied, “I know that you do not know how a bank works and that is why I am selecting you.” I was happy that he selected me but was confused! He continued, “The same way you took a leap of faith in applying for this position with no banking knowledge, I am taking a leap of faith in considering you. Now I can mould you in the manner we want and you will not have any preconceived notions about how a bank works.”


Thus, began my relationship with my mentor and friend – Michael Connor. He was truly a great influencer and one of the biggest inspirations in my work and life.


Once I came up to him and asked him a question, “Why does a bank need a Credit Control Department?” Taken aback that I would ask this, he took it upon himself to teach me the finer details of credit control. He taught me methods of obtaining profitable lending and minimising losses due to bad loans. With my IT background and now with a firm understanding of credit control, we were able to build together some of the best software the bank had seen. This software has stood the test of time for several years.


I learnt several lessons along the way. The experience I gained under Michael Connor’s leadership was worth its weight in gold. I know I was lucky to be in the right place at the right time. I took inspirations from his teachings to make myself successful.


To this day, even when I am managing a company of my own, I recall my interactions with him and how he had taught me to face challenges in my profession and in my life.  The happiest day came forth when I received an email from him. He wrote, "I am writing this first email from my new MacBook Air, to the person who taught me so much about computers!"


What better laurels does one need?

I am proud to have many friends and mentors who gave me opportunities to learn and excel. I am thankful to those who keep their doors open for me whenever I needed to clarify any questions or guide me on what to do.

I will be failing in my duty if I do not mention another person who has been a guiding light all through my career. Any doubts, any challenges, I always go back to him and always with a fear of facing a tough school master and the uncomfortable questions he may raise. Yet I always come out of the meeting with a clear mind, knowing what to do next.  A stalwart in Information Technology and definitely one of those important persons who made IT happen in our country. I am proud to be his friend and guided by him.

The influencers in my life have taught me many lessons. They have aided me in becoming an influencer myself and don the hat of a mentor to others. I am proud to say I have mentored many young bright minds in their career paths and hope to continue doing so all my life.


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