The new normal for entrepreneurs

The new normal for entrepreneurs

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Butz Olivares Bartolome

Butz Olivares Bartolome

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These are trying times. Regardless of race, gender, or nationality, almost every human being has experienced emotional, material or health challenges. The words 'lockdown', 'quarantine', and 'social distance' are often quoted in almost every language. Virtual business meetings are the new normal. Our communication tools have become our computers and mobile phones. 


Survival of the fittest for entrepreneurs

It has definitely become even more challenging nowadays for entrepreneurs. You really need to be very patient and have a lot of grit in order to survive the pandemic's tide. Many are looking to pivot their business strategies in order to make ends meet. 


Recurring themes on social media 

Various social media posts are showing 'throwback photos' to the 'good old' pre-pandemic days. There are also many profile photos that turned black or to a light a candle to signify that the person is in mourning. These trending photos really do show how much of our world has changed. 


Despite the challenges, the entrepreneurial spirit is now stronger than ever. Creativity has managed to grow in many ways. Side hustles are turning into full time jobs.


Hope despite the situation

This new world is challenging and it exempts nobody. Many would want to throw in the towel as the burden is getting unbearable. There are fears of contracting the virus and haunting dreams of dying alone. Entrepreneurs are always challenged to embrace the new environment of doing business. 


But there are many who try to keep their heads above the water. Creativity has managed to grow in many ways. The entrepreneurial spirit is now stronger than ever with more and more small businesses coming out. Side hustles are turning into full time jobs, and despite the challenges, they are thriving. 


If you are an entrepreneur struggling right now, it always helps to talk to your friends about how are you feeling and what you are going through. Don't forget that you are not alone in this. Stay safe, and stay motivated!


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