Throwback: Leonora Magaling and TLM Yema Buko Pie ans Pasalubong Center’s Sweet Success Story

Throwback: Leonora Magaling and TLM Yema Buko Pie ans Pasalubong Center’s Sweet Success Story

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Trixie Cruz Shimamoto

Trixie Cruz Shimamoto

99 week ago — 4 min read

Some say businesses are born as solutions to problems. The same can be said about Leonora Magaling’s TLM Yema Buko Pie and Pasalubong Center. 


Leonora, a former coconut or buko dealer from Malolos, Bulacan noticed that at the end of her deliveries, there would still be a few remaining coconuts in her truck. Not keen on letting these goods go to waste, she opened a small store to sell buko juice and shakes to customers in the area. As big of a hit this was, the entrepreneur still had the coconut meat that was going unused. With aspirations of going zero-waste with her new products, Leonora decided to use her baking background and turn the coconut meat into buko pie – but not just any buko pie, Yema Buko Pie! 


Gusto ko kakaiba siya. Kapag natikman mo siya, naaalala mo mga mahal mo sa buhay. Gusto mo silang regaluhan,” she shared about her unique Yema Buko Pie. she shared about her unique Yema Buko Pie. 


She went on to boast that her recipe for the memory-evoking Yema Buko Pie was a team effort with her customers. They gave tips and suggestions on how to get each component to the perfect consistency and flavor during the early testing stages. 


Kampate ako na kahit nasa bahay tayo, puwede tayong magtransaksyon. At global po it kaya malaking potensyal na masmaraming tayong magagawa. Kung dati dito lang tayo sa barangay, sa Malolos o sa Maynila, ngyayon kahit sa ibang bansa puwede tayong makipagtransaksyon.



These days TLM Yema Buko Pie and Pasalubong Center has a total of 7 variations of Buko Pie. These include, Yema Buko Pie, Yema Buko Pie with Cheese, Yema Buko Pie with Ube, Yema Buko Pie with Chocolate, Yema Buko Pie with Ube and Cheese, Yema Buko Pie Supreme, Yema Buko Pie with Caramel and they are working on a Creamy Cassava Buko Pie. 


Leonora shared that because of the pandemic, they turned to the internet to continue selling Yema Buko Pie. The became the official website of TLM Yema Buko Pie and Pasalubong Center. She shared, "Kampate ako na kahit nasa bahay tayo, puwede tayong magtransaksyon. At global po it kaya malaking potensyal na masmaraming tayong magagawa. Kung dati dito lang tayo sa barangay, sa Malolos o sa Maynila, ngyayon kahit sa ibang bansa puwede tayong makipagtransaksyon."


No business is without its struggles. And when times are tough, family is the key motivator for this businesswoman. She draws strength and inspiration from them to keep trudging along. Leonora encourages others to embrace and face head-on all the challenges that will arise in business. Give it your all no matter what and follow what your heart and gut tell you. With that in mind, it’s a recipe for success. 





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Image source: TLM Yema Buko Pie and Pasalubong Center's Facebook page


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