Why these 3 Netflix originals will awaken your inner entrepreneurial spirit!

Why these 3 Netflix originals will awaken your inner entrepreneurial spirit!


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

13 Nov 2020, 13:00 — 8 min read


If business was too easy, many people would have resigned from their jobs and start out on their own.

But the truth is, it not! It’s unpredictable, and it comes with a new set of challenges every single day.

If you have been running your business, I’m sure you would relate, right?

That’s why getting a source of motivation or inspiration can help in working towards your business goals.

If you find yourself looking for one, I’m highly recommending the following Netflix originals to awaken your inner entrepreneurial spirit.

1. Itaewon Class

Aside from the fact that it’s starred by no less than Park Seo Joon, one of the famous oppas in Korea, Itaewon Class revolves around the story of Park Saeroyi (Park Seo Joon) who was jailed for two years (watch to know the reason why). Following his release, he swore to continue his father’s dream to start a business. And the rest of the story… you should watch it!

Here are some things you can learn from the series:

  • There’s no overnight success. It took him more than a decade to make his business public, facing multiple challenges from rental issues, business operations, to management. He and his team experienced all the crazy rides of entrepreneurship along the way.

    What you can learn from this? Don’t rush success!


  • Stick to your principles – no matter what! Even when pressures arise.

    Park Saeroyi could have made some comprise to make his business journey a little easier. But he did not. He sticks to what he believed in even when a lot of people pressured him to do the other way.

    Learn due diligence because no matter how you conceal your wrongdoings, it will not get buried; it will find its way to haunt you, and worse, you can face administrative charges and sanctions.

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    Project Luca


  • You cannot do it alone. The success of Park Saeroyi’s business wouldn’t be possible without the help of his team.

    You have to build an effective and right team who are reliable and can be with you through ups and downs.

    It’s okay to be alone from the start. But as your business grows, you will definitely have a difficult time to do everything. Or else, you will suffer from burnout.

    Also read: 5 effective ways to lead your team


  • The importance of investment. Park Saeroyi didn’t only understand investment, but he also recognizes the importance of having a fund manager especially since he’s busy running his own business. Thus, he trusted an expert to manage his money. More than that, he understands long-term investment too.

    Because of this, the series became even more exciting! (You will find out why when you watch the series).

    Biz Starter

2. Start-Up

From the title itself, you will already have an idea that it’s all about startup! If you’re a young entrepreneur or a developer, you will surely relate to this series. 

Start-Up shows how a startup is born to life from ideation, incubation, to market. The series is still ongoing as of writing, but here are some of my takeaways:

  • Being a CEO is about making a decision. If you’re not ready to get criticized for your decisions, then you don’t have what it takes to be a CEO (Chief Executive Officer).

    In the series, Han Ji-Pyeo, played by Kim Seon-ho, reminds the startup CEO Seo Dal-mi, played by Bae Suzy, that there’s no concrete answer to the question, “How to be a good CEO?” which I can definitely agree with.

    When it comes to leadership and management, there’s no set recipe to make it perfect. You have to formulate it and find the right ingredients that work best for your organization.

  • It’s a test of friendship. Just because you founded your startup with your best friends or close friends doesn’t mean you will work together until the end. Most of the time, it just doesn’t work.

    I’ve seen a lot of friends who started their own ventures, but only arriving to break up due to conflict of ideas, interest, or beliefs.

    If you’re working with your friends for your startup, think again and be careful because your friendship is definitely at stake.


3. Upstarts

This Indian film tells you the story of three college buddies who launched a startup with the heart to make a difference. Sounds familiar, right? I know you will definitely relate. But even though their motives to help is clear right from the start, it didn’t go smoothly as always.

What you can learn from the film:

  • The struggle of female founders. In an industry dominated by men, being a female founder is a challenge. While investors ask men about numbers and projections, it’s a different story for females. For women, they would often receive questions about having a family or raising children and how it can affect their focus on their startup.

    This is a harsh truth. That’s why I am pleased to see more and more women stepping up to pursue their passion and start their business. I am also pleased to see more and more collaborations between public and private institutions to enable more women entrepreneurs.

    Recently, UnionBank GlobalLinker and the Department of Trade and Industry forged a partnership to help more women entrepreneurs adapt to the new normal by creating their own online store and joining the Gawang-Pinay initiative.


    Gawang-Pinay is a digital trade fair that features women-led enterprises. You can show your support by buying their product. Shop online here.


  • It’s not about your ideas, but it’s about your executions. Are you sure your ideas are disruptive enough to be the next Bill Gates or Steve Jobs? Think again.

    Just because you have an idea that you think will change the world doesn’t mean you will be the next big thing. Your idea will remain an idea if you don’t execute it.

    There are two kinds of founders. One is the visionary and the other one is the integrator. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t run out of idea on how you can make a difference or make life easier, then you’re definitely the visionary type. But if you’re someone who loves to execute, then you’re definitely the integrator type.

    What makes Steve Jobs, known as visionary, a successful founder is that he managed to hire the right people who eventually helped him turn his vision into reality. This is the reason why he managed to sell Pixar to Walt Disney Company which made him a billionaire – take note, it’s not Apple!

If you find yourself looking for motivation, turn on your TV and watch these Netflix originals, or head over to Youtube and watch our Negosyo Spotlight Series.

Plus, we also have SME Inspirations series where you can read and learn from the business journey of entrepreneurs across the Philippines.

Do you want to share your business journey and inspire others as well? Connect with me and I’ll tell your story!

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