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  • Albert Placencia

    Albert Placencia

    Business Development

    Is there a way to connect my EON account to my GCash account for money transfers online and cash in?

    22 Jul 2020, 15:47

  • Piyush Nagar

    Piyush Nagar

    Business Development

    HR Sense – HRM Software Solutions provides an option for Bulk Emailing. We can bulk email to the candidates who are selected by making an email template. #hrsense #hrmsoftwaresolutions #sixthsenseitsolutions #bulkemail #hr

    18 Jul 2019, 14:54

  • Jaypee Soliman

    Jaypee Soliman

    Business Development

    Banking should not be Taxing. Banking should be FOR the people. This one is for all of you. INSTAPAY is FREE for all Personal Account customers upto December 31, 2020 Download our APP now and open a Personal Account in the comforts of your homes Search for UnionBank Online in Google Play or Apple App store ***Instapay is a facility to transfer funds Maximum of Php50,000 per transaction to ANY Philippine Local Bank part of the Instapay Network. RealTime, Anytime, Anywhere, even weekends and holidays

    11 Jun 2020, 20:12

  • Bernardo Huela

    Bernardo Huela

    Business Development

    Enagic® is the world’s leading name in healthful and affordable ionized alkaline water, and the SD501 is its affordable and convenient flagship model for the family.

    26 Jun 2018, 09:22

  • Supriya Mathur

    Supriya Mathur

    Business Development

    The question of whether to sell online on a marketplace or create one’s own e-commerce store is an important one. Summi Gambhir, co-founder of GlobalLinker, explains the advantages of both in her exclusive webinar. Missed the webinar? Worry not, you can catch the replay here

    18 Jul 2019, 18:51

  • AJ Urena

    AJ Urena

    Business Development

    #BankFromHome #CorporateDigitalAccountOpening

    13 Sep 2020, 10:45

  • Rosemarie Makinano

    Rosemarie Makinano

    Business Development

    Good News to all! Open Unionbank Corporate Checking Account without going to the branch for only 5,000 pesos opening and maintaining balance. For more details: Rosemarie Makinano Sales Officer Unionbank of the Philippines +639178418956 You will receive the following with your free access to THE PORTAL: 1. Electronic Fund Transfer - Sends funds to Unionbank accounts or to other banks locally or internationally. 2. Bills Payment - Make Payments to government agencies, utilities, and various local billers. 3. Government Payment - Pay your taxes online with BIR ePayments. 4. Mobile Check Deposit - Deposit Unionbank and other bank checks to your business account using the mobile app. 5. Branch Transactions- Make your branch experience hassle-free. Schedule your cash and check deposits to the branch in advance through The Portal. #BankTheWayYouLive #BankFromHome

    18 Dec 2020, 10:51

  • Bo Discarga

    Bo Discarga

    Business Development

    Thank you AJ Urena for making our account opening process so smooth! I sincerely appreciate you answering my critical banking inquiries even outside your regular working hours.

    27 Mar 2021, 19:39

  • UnionBank Publication

    UnionBank Publication

    Business Development

    It's almost 12.12, SMErry Christmas is coming! As the busiest season is already rolling, UnionBank GlobalLinker together with other reputable partners has offered an exclusive Christmas promo to bring a SMErry Christmas to all entrepreneurs here. From renewing your business, outsourcing staff, to digitizing your business, we've got you covered! It starts tomorrow. Stay tuned, Ka-GlobalLinker! This is the 12.12 for MSMEs. Share this opportunity with other business owners. #SMErryChristmas

    12 Dec 2019, 07:59

  • Oberes Jerald

    Oberes Jerald

    Business Development

    You can enjoy this Kangen Water® machine in any country, thanks to its worldwide multi-voltage power supply and interchangeable plug capability (sold separately). If you're looking for a powerful and versatile machine with plenty of user-friendly and energy-saving automated features, the K8 is for you.

    28 Dec 2020, 20:49

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