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    Polytron Metal Treatment Concentrate

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Credinta Group Incorporated

Quezon city, Philippines


Dexter Arvin Ocado

Product Specialist

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  • Provides 4 – 7 Times longer change oil intervals including elimination of up to 90-95% of engine and equipment wear
  • Reduces engine/equipment operating temperature and noise level
  • Eliminate carbon build-up and keep the engine completely clean from new deposits
  • In the event of oil or coolant loss, engines are protected for tens of miles under any driving conditions
  • Restore compression (the compression may go up even in new cars)
  • Restore or improves power, torque, and fuel economy
  • Contribute to much cleaner emission gases
  • Very effective in severe operating conditions such as dust, dirt, and moisture


Note: Polytron products is applicable in any land or sea-based equipment such as Compressors, Turbines, Milling, Crushers, etc. in industries such as Automobiles, Heavy Equipment (e.g Fork Lifts, Bulldozers, Tractors, Excavators, Cranes) Factory Machines, Mining, Power Plant, Shipping, Barge, Tug Boats

Polytron can be added to any type of oil such as motor, transmission, hydraulics, gearboxes, turbine, and many more!