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GMAX Oil Trading

Davao city, Philippines


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GMAX POWER HD SAE 40 API CF/SF -A high-performance, heavy-duty mono-grade engine oil designed to provide premium performance in both turbocharged and naturally aspirated diesel and petrol engines. It is formulated with advanced additive technology to resist oil thickening by minimizing sludge formation and effectively maintains excellent oil viscosity from High temperature stressful operation *GMAX SM MOTOR OIL API CA/SA STRAIGHT MINERAL OIL SAE 10W,30,40 -SM Motor Oil are high quality heavy duty engine lubricants designed for use in diesel engines where mono-grade oils are specified. It has been approved for use in a variety of engine application. Its high thermal stability and oil oxidation resistance provide a high standard of piston and Valve cleanliness. Overall engine cleanliness contributes to low Valve wear, long component life, Power output is maintained, excellent operational stability and lower servicing