Regular Darling Danggit

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    Premium darling Danggit (75 grams in Kraft paper pouch)

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    Balangay's Best

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Fishers and Changemakers, Inc.

Bantayan, Philippines


Red Magno

Marketing and Operations Consultant

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Product Code- BBDD1

Available in 100 and 250 gm vacuum packaging. 1000 gms and above orders are availble upon request. 

Darling Danggit comes from theDanggit Capital of the Philippines- Bantayan, Cebu. It is time to make this Filipino comfort food known as "Pambansang Almusal, Maghapon." 


When you buy Balangay's Best, you not ony get healthier, crispier, drier seafood because we use lesser salt than what most commerically available products have- you help empower and uplift our fishermen, YOU help save the environment. We advocate Sustainable Fishing.


"It's Worth Drying For".