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    Polytron Extreme Pressure 2 - Lithium Complex Grease (EP2-LCG)

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Credinta Group Incorporated

Quezon city, Philippines


Dexter Arvin Ocado

Product Specialist

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  • Extended maintenance intervals  & service life of equipment  by 600% to 900%
  • Lowers temperature and vibrations
  • Eliminates wear and tear
  • Eliminate up to 85-90% of friction in sliding surfaces
  • Lubricates and protects as it penetrates
  • Reduces power consumption
  • Reduces operating temperature and noise when used as a lubricant
  • Very effective moisture repellent
  • Cutting edges of cutting tools (machining, drilling) stay sharp considerably longer, and the surface finish is much smoother and cleaner
  • Allows much longer maintenance intervals