Cooling Energy Efficient Office Furniture

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Supr Company Pte Ltd

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Value Proposition

- Sustainability
Increasing life span of the products by recycling and reusing components after first life, and using high quality sustainably sourced materials

- Productivity
Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DFMA) and Offsite construction reduces the expensive
onsit e labour, material wastage, and accelerates project delivery

- Energy Savings
Leveraging technology and design to reduce energy demands and achieve more efficiency
through ACMV euipments & operations

 - Wellness
Personal comfort to employees, enhanced Indoor Air Quality, and reduction in spread of Infection

- Financial Flexibility
Providing Capital and Operating leases on our products, giving our clients all the flexibility needed

Features :
- Patented design
- Truly Modular with Plug & Play, Pushfit finishes for EasyVisual Upgrades
- Fully integrated with ACMV, Power, AV & Lighting
- Lightning Fast Assembly
- Personalised Ventilation Control
- 100% Reconfigurable