Tenax Ager

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Kudu 3 Enterprises

Marilao, Philippines


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#tenaxphilippines #tenaxager #tenaxblacktint #tenaxglueblack #kudu3enterprises For order call or text: 09152107873 / 09356553306 TENAX AGER- Using a paintbrush, cloth, fleece, or sponge applicator, apply Tenax Ager undiluted to a completely clean and dry natural stone surface. Allow the material to naturally absorb the Ager evenly. Tenax Ager is the stone enhancers and sealers that revitalize and enhances the color of natural stone surfaces. Use on your natural stone surfaces to give the stone a deep, rich appearance and protect the pores from absorbing potentially discoloring liquids that could stain the surface. TENAX GLUE BLACK: Designed adhesive glue and filler for marble, stone a and slate. Also suitable for wood and metal. Used for gluing and filling of all types of marbles and stone. The glue is smooth and easy to spread. High tixotropic glue, repair vertical and horizontal marble and similar stone TENAX BLACK TINT :This is the Universal Colouring Tint - Black and this is just what you need. This new, 2 and 1/2 ounce bottle of universal colouring paste from Tenax is easy to mix and is usable for polyester mastics solid, liquid, transparent knifegrade, flowing transparent and similar. The consistency is perfect for mixing into the adhesive for both indoor and outdoor use. The nozzle on the bottle cap is specifically designed for small amounts of color per drop because with this colouring paste, a little bit of color goes a long way. Ten different colors offers unlimited stone color matching. To use, add to the mastic (or resin) the quantity of colour to obtain the desired shade, but do not add more than 2-3% of colouring paste.