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    Balangay's Best

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Fishers and Changemakers, Inc.

Bantayan, Philippines


Red Magno

Marketing and Operations Consultant

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Product Code- SFHH150

Available in 150 gm Kraft paper pouch bag. The pack contains 50 gm each of the best dried seafood form Balangay's Best- Darling Danggit, Papa Pusit Butterfly and Mommy Dilis.

Seafood Halo-Halo is the best dried, hot, crispy, and healthy halo-halo you'd ever have. So grab a pouch now!

      When you buy Balangay's Best, you not ony get healthier, crispier,          drier seafood because we use lesser salt than what most                        commercially available products have- you help empower and uplift        our fishermen, YOU help save the environment.


      We advocate Sustainable Fishing. 'It's Worth Drying For!'