Firestop Sealant

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Kudu 3 Enterprises

Marilao, Philippines


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October 2020 stock updates availability Zwaluw FireProtect Acrylic Sealant is a 1-component fire resistant sealant based on acrylic dispersion. Zwaluw FP Acrylic Sealant is a plasto-elastic sealant which is slightly intumescent above +120°C and is suitable for up to 4 hours of fire resistant sealing of linear joints. #zwaluwphilippines #zwaluwkudu3enterprises #kudu3enterprises #fireprotectsealant #firestoppingsealant #acrylicsealantforfireprotection #firesealant #denbravenphilippines For order please contact: Kudu 3 Enterprises 📱 09478931773 / 09356553306 🖥️ ☎️ 8-3329010