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At Tradeananta we offer a total range of tiles starting from Subway tiles to Slabs to Customized Designer Posters. You ask –we deliver. We are having working associations with numerous quality manufacturers which are specialized in any one or two of the product line. Hence no need for you to go to different suppliers for your varying demands.

We offer following product ranges to fulfill all your tiling needs :

1) Subway Tiles
2) Parking Tiles
3) Ceramic Tiles
4) Designer Elevation Tiles – Outdoor & Indoor
5) Porcelain Tiles – Soluble Salt / Double Charged / Full Body / GVF & PGVT / Color body GVT
6) Slabs
7) Steps and Riser
8) Customized Poster Designer Tiles
9) Clay-Bridge Blocks.

Additionally we can supply the multiple product consignment along with the Tiles to get the best benefit of Weight and Volume in Transportation cost.