Greenext Lifescience Corp

Verified as Greenext Lifescience Corp

Manila, Philippines

Beauty, Cosmetics & Personal Care > Personal Care & Hygiene


MyNatural - not just a product, a brand, or a company; it is a way of life. It’s a movement for a healthy lifestyle, producing and using products that are free from harmful chemicals and ingredients, caring for the planet. and sustaining local farming communities.

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Product & Service Catalogue (6)

  • Bathroom Spray

    230.00/ Unit

  • Kitchen Spray

    205.00/ Unit

  • Car Spray

    114.00/ Unit

  • Room Spray

    Price on Request

  • Shoe & Foot Spray

    127.00/ Unit

Greenext Lifescience Corp
Manila, Manila
Beauty, Cosmetics & Personal Care ,Personal Care & Hygiene


  • Head-office/Primary office

    St. Beauzeil Building, 800 Remedios corner Pilar Hidalgo Lim Street, Malate
    Manila - 1004
  • Paulette Menguito 

    4 Aug 2020, 5 min read

    How reselling can help your business

    Business Development

    How reselling can help your business

    Take a second look at reselling and see how it can be beneficial to your business in the new normal.

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