Arapal Livelihood Center, Inc

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Bogo, Philippines

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Agriculture Service & Agri Products supplies

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Aid is not sustainable. It can create dependency and just perpetuate poverty. It does not build dignity or create self-sufficiency. China has become the second largest economy in the world because of trade. Many impoverished countries in Africa have been receiving billions and billions of dollars every year for decades and have little or nothing to show for. Help us market our products. Connect us with entrepreneurs and investors. American companies invest in China because there is money to be made there, not because of charity. There is money to be made in the Philippines. We are rich in natural resources. Our people have migrated and given up. The best and brightest have left. New generations are leaving. Let us stop the brain drain and give them hope. Let us help them believe that they can bloom where they are born and grow where they are planted. We can grow from with in. Remittance money from abroad is not the solution. Especially if it breaks families and separate loved ones....

Arapal Livelihood Center, Inc is a from Bogo, Philippines.
Arapal Livelihood Center, Inc is listed under Agriculture & Agri Products / Agri Supplies, Materials & Equipment and has been a member since 2011. Legal name of the company is verified on GlobalLinker or The company has not verified its profile on GlobalLinker.

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Jan 2011

31 - 50 employees

₱10 MM - ₱50 MM

Service Provider

Service Center



Brand Owner


  • Head-office/Primary office

    Arapal Hills, Anonang Sur, Bogo City, Cebu Philippines
    Bogo - 6010

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