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Makati city, Philippines

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  • Mozkee

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  • Zinox

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  • Koolsunn

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  • Betafeel

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  • Skin Saver Pure Mist

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  • Skin Saver Linen & Room Spray

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For 26 years Heltker AG has been synonymous with quality pharmaceuticals from Prosel Pharmaceutical as well as quality imported medicine from Italy and Germany distributed throughout Luzon and the Visayas. Heltker AG is a duly registered wholesaler and distributor with License to Operate from the FDA.

Today, Heltker AG has ventured into successful endeavors such as trademark ownership of CalZiMax supplement for calcium, magnesium and zinc deficiencies and Pearlas Papaya Soap, as registered with the Intellectual Property Office. Furthering its expansion and success into cosmetics, Heltker AG has registered with the IPO a unique line of lotions and creams formulated for the Filipino market under the umbrella brand MyZkeene.

Unstoppable with its sister company Prosel Pharma Inc, Heltker AG has also started the distribution of quality dental products from Greece and a new cosmetics brand Skin Saver.


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    Makati city

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