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Ahmedabad, India

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We understand that the biggest and the grandest of online ecommerce cannot substitute the experience, joy and the satisfaction you get when ‘feeling and examining’ a product you wish to buy and then purchase it. FeelKaro.com marks the beginning of a ‘feel and buy’ shopping revolution with this futuristic digital platform that empower retailers, while creating better shopping experience for consumers.

Bridging the gap between online and offline shopping!

FeelKaro helps you browse online and narrow down on the exact nearby shop which has the product you need.

Found it? Rush to the shop – See, feel, try and buy when fully satisfied, or get it delivered at your doorstep.

FeelKaro.com is an online platform that is built to support local shopping and promote local retailers to consumers nearby (in your neighbourhood, city). Retailers registered with FeelKaro can market their products online through the portal, by connecting with consumers and helping them discover happiness nearby by improving their offline shopping experience with online support.

CONNECTING Nearby Shops & Shoppers
FeelKaro delivers a seamless cross-platform experience by introducing data-driven, personalized experiences for consumers looking to buy products at the best prices and without waiting for any shipping time. Retailers can boost their business by catering to the needs of consumers in their ‘nearby’ area, while shoppers also save time, and can be 100% sure with their WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) experience.

PROMOTING Local Retailers Online & Offline
Love your kirana and garment shop and even the electronic store you and your family have been visiting since years? Support FeelKaro’s initiative to include them in the digital mainstream while helping retain the mom-and-pop store charm of reliability, relationship and best of deals at competitive rates. We encourage consumers to browse online at leisure from FeelKaro.com and buy locally when you are sure you love what you see.

UPGRADING Retailers with a Smart System
FeelKaro.com walks the talk by developing a smart system that will play a key role in upgrading the local retailers to deliver the experience of online ecommerce with offline ‘feel and buy’ shopping. Retailers can subscribe to FeelKaro and get access to an organized system for inventory management, billing and Digital Catalogue management along with Offers and Discount coupons. Yes! Now create a Big shop in a small space.

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