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Kolkata, India

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Infocus Technologies Pvt Ltd., started its journey in 2007 as a Business Consulting, Information Technology and Service Company. We are primarily focused on SAP & AWS Consulting, Implementation and Support services. We are SAP Gold Partner and AWS Consulting Partner.

Infocus aspires to deliver outstanding services and solutions in its areas of expertise to Corporate Houses, Small & Medium Enterprises (SME) and the Government Sector. The company offers a range of specialized services and solutions for Information Technology (IT), Business Consulting pertaining to SAP & AWS Practice. Infocus has deep domain expertise in Iron/Steel & Primary Metals, Manufacturing, Maintenance, Supply Chain, Financial Services, IT Infrastructure Services, e-Governance applications, cloud hosting.
At a competency level, Infocus is strongly positioned in the SAP & AWS Practice with its services for support, maintenance and enhancement of SAP Systems. Infocus is the one-stop service provider for your end to end SAP/ERP solution.

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