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Quezon city, Philippines

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Just to highlight INKA’s near term objective, we wanted to start INKA specially now because we believe INKA can help food businesses at this current situation. INKA will be more important to business even more than before as INKA will allow them connect to consumers online. Online is now the new normal.

Aside from connecting businesses to consumers, INKA thru INKA MARKET will help food business connects to the supply chain in which INKA wanted to help both ends of the chain. Specially with this extra ordinary situation, it is high time that equipping the supply side with the technology will help them somehow connect to their buyers on a wider scale. At the same time helping our merchant reach to the supply side directly.

We find this lockdown as an opportunity for INKA to showcase its product and help somehow address the hardship we are facing right now with this pandemic.

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  • Head-office/Primary office

    Quezon city

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