Lionshare Co. Ltd

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Quezon city, Philippines

Food & Beverage > Fresh, Packaged and Processed Food

"Where you Shop for Chops"


Chop House Meat Products are quality food items that come in a wide variety of meat and fish concepts. This makes for meals that are convenient yet fulfilling.

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True to life sweethearts, Darius and Ninay, both love eating but do not have lots of time to prepare delicious food. Lionshare Co. Ltd. was created through their brand, Chop House to solve this gap. Chop House is our brand of quality processed meat using authentic recipes, and natural ingredients. We produce a wide range of products that is backed by extensive training, research and development. Our product categories are native and international sausages; other types of processed meat - sweet type, cured meat and dry cured meat; bottling of fish, meat, vegetables, and gourmet sauces; cooked products that are ready to heat; pastries; packed salad and salad dressings. With ingredients and recipes sourced directly from their provinces of origin, and raw materials such as livestock, fish, and vegetables grown in our own farm; we are ensured that clean and good quality ingredients are used in our products.

Jan 2012

1 - 10 employees

Less than ₱1 MM


  • Head-office/Primary office

    120-B Alley 19, Project 6
    Quezon city - 1100

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