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Makati city, Philippines

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At Mananam, products are surely made fresh and healthy so that anyone can indulge in guilt free for all your type of cravings anytime and anywhere.

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Mananam Food Products started as a childhood dream. When I was young, we are living in Pangasinan (a province from the northern part of Luzon). As a 7 year old daughter we do make healthy and fresh delicacies from our province so we can sell it to schools and our neighborhood.
Now that I have my own family, seeing my daughter around the same age as I was back then, I realize what a good opportunity for us to introduce the foods that we love to make and eat in Pangasinan.
It’s actually a happy moment for me that she loved the food that we made, and then it hits me. Why don’t we introduce our food from the province here in Metro Manila and in the future the whole Philippines.
We created Mananam Food Products in October of 2018 as a distribution and wholesaling company that will help us showcase the foods from the northern part of the Philippines to the entire country. We aim to make sure to produce only healthy and freshly made products for everyone to enjoy guilt free.

Oct 2018

1 - 10 employees

Less than ₱1 MM



Brand Owner


  • Registered Address

    Bldg. 34 Unit 17 Guadalupe Bliss Brgy. Cembo Makati
    Makati city - 1214
  • Branch/Regional office

    Brgy. Lobong San Jacinto, Pangasinan
    Dagupan city - 2431
  • Stefanie Laurian 

    22 Nov 2018, 3 min read

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    My Singapore TradeConnect 2018 Experience: Global SME Meetup

    Stefanie Laurian shares her experience of being part of the Philippine delegation at the TradeConnect event in Singapore.

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