Paperless Trail, Inc.

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Makati city, Philippines

Digital & Technology > IT Software & Services

Document Imaging, Document Management, Workflow Automation, Business Process Management


Paperless Trail Inc. (PTI) is a privately-owned, Philippine-based IT company that creates and delivers practical, innovative, and cost-effective IT solutions for businesses. We develop business software focused on the following areas: - Record keeping and compliance systems for Human Resources (HR) and Finance. - Automation software for ISO and other management standards - Tax optimization and business mapping - Integration middleware for enterprise systems

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Paperless Trail, Inc.
Makati city, Makati city
Digital & Technology ,IT Software & Services

Sep 2003

101 - 300 employees

Service Provider


Brand Owner

  • Head-office/Primary office

    Unit 3C, OPL Bldg., 100 C. Palanca St., Legazpi Village
    Makati city - 1200
  • Janina Raisa Go 

    30 Sep 2019, 5 min read

    Cloud storage vs On-premise storage: What’s best for your document management?

    Digital & Technology

    Cloud storage vs On-premise storage: What’s best for your document management?

     Find out the most suitable document management system for your business.      Dealing with regular personal data is usually a big hassle. Imagine having to manage a lar

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