Rural Environmental Development And Implementation Foundation

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Kolkata, India

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Rural Environmental Development & Implementation Foundation is our dream Organization to ensure complete up-liftment


Rural Environmental Development And Implementation Foundation, is a Voluntary Development Organization established for building capacities of people to enable them to participate in the process of their own development. Society believes that, people are the masters of their destiny, but the fact is they are not aware of their potentials and capacities. The reason is people were never treated as partners in the process. They were always treated as beneficiaries. Therefore; they have developed an

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Founder & CEO
Chandan Kumar Maitra is Rural Environmental Development & Implementation Foundation’s Founder/CEO/Secretary. He started working in Soma Enterprise Limited (HYD based Construction Company) in the capacity of Administrations of the Bangalore – Karnataka office in 2004. In mid-2008, he acquired Elevated High Ways Project and crisis management operations, also involve in State Bank of India Business Correspondent (MERDAS, BC Code: 3B760000) from 2012 to present. on the post of State Head/Manager Systems, Office administration for and also touched with Local Head office KOLKATA circle of SBI with AGM authorization. and created Rural Environmental Development & Implementation Foundation. As of July 22nd 2015 – 16 with Rural Business & Media.
During his career in, Chandan Kumar Maitra established himself as a renowned crisis communications for rural people help. He was instrumental in founding the Rural Environmental Development & Implementation Fou

Nov 2016

1 - 10 employees

Less than ₹25 lac

Service Provider

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  • Head-office/Primary office

  • Head-office/Primary office

    Bhakuri, PO - Chaltia, Berhampore Murshidabad
    Farakka - 742101
  • Head-office/Primary office

    Bhakuri, PO - Chaltia, Berhampore - Murshidabad, Phone - 9563969492
    Farakka - 742101
  • Registered Address

    Orahar, Sundarpur, Bhagwangola - Murshidabad, Phone - 9932467878
    Farakka - 742135
  • Branch/Regional office

    Jadupur - Kaliachak, Kaliachak - Malda Phone - 9083246896
    Kaliachak - 732203

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