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Syntizen Technologies

Syntizen Technologies

Digital & Technology / FinTech
Hyderabad, India

Syntizen offers Digital Identity Solutions to both the private and the public sector industries with the help of UIDAI ecosystem. To the private sector, we provide Electronic Customer On-boarding System with e-KYC & e-Sign and help reduce the time & cost of on-boarding a customer. For the governments, we provide Subsidy Management Systems which help governments identify the right citizen before providing any subsidy thereby ensuring the right delivery of services

Syntizen has been providing Digital Identity Solutions to Private & Public Sector and has helped save a lot of time and money for its clients. Syntizen has helped its clients introduce schemes like Instant Bank Accounts, Instant Housing Loans, 3-Min Gold Loans, Trade in an Hour, etc in the private sector and has also helped save more that INR 100 Crore to its State Government Clients with its solutions.

  • Incorporation Date


  • Turnover

    Rs. 1 crore - Rs. 5 crore

  • No. of Employees

Service Provider , Professional

Private Limited Company

  • Best Software Product of the Year - 2018


Syntizen Technologies, Plot No: 8-2-293/82/A/1024 & 1024
Hyderabad - 500033

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Key Contacts


Siddharth Kukatlapalli

Siddharth Kukatlapalli/Co-Founder

Syntizen Technologies
/ Hyderabad, India

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