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Taxumo Inc.

Taxumo Inc.

Digital & Technology / FinTech
Taguig, Philippines

Taxumo is a web application that automatically computes, files and pays for the taxes of MSMEs, Freelancers and Professionals in the Philippines.

Taxumo is an end-to-end online tax assistance platform that helps freelancers, self-employed professionals, & small businesses in computing their business tax dues and also in filing and paying their taxes anytime, anywhere! www.taxumo.com Recognitions: First Startup in the Philippines who was granted the Investment Priority Plan of the Department of Trade and Industry - Board of Investments

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Service Provider

Private Limited Company


U121 Avida Cityflex SOHO Tower, 7th Ave cor Lane T, Bonifaci
Taguig - 1630

Primary office,

Unit 121 Avida Citiflex, 7th Avenue Corner Lane T ,Bonifacio Global City
Taguig - 1634

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Key Contacts


Ginger Arboleda

Ginger Arboleda/Chief Operations Officer

Taxumo Inc.
/ Taguig, Philippines


Raphael Rivero

Raphael Rivero/Growth Manager

Taxumo Inc.
/ Taguig, Philippines


Rex Joseph Javier

Rex Joseph Javier/Sales Associate

Taxumo Inc.
/ Taguig, Philippines

Business Development

Yvonne Manalo

Yvonne Manalo/Business Development Manager

Taxumo Inc.
/ Taguig, Philippines

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