The Brand & Mark Co.

Mumbai, India

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Brand development, Brand Audit, Digital Marketing, Performance based marketing, Customer Lifecycle Management


At The Brand & Mark Co, we offer services right from building the brand, defining the target segments, defining the communication architecture and taking it to the market. We do this by following an unique 360 degree audit of the brand from all perspectives and uncover what the brand stands for and the space it occupies in the market. The approach to marketing is thus long term and defined only by business objectives.

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The Brand & Mark Co. was started by Lakshmi Iyer and Sangeetha Shankar on September 2015. Between us we have about 4 decades of experience across Brand, Consumer and B-to-B Marketing and Communications. We started The Brand & Mark Co. with the vision to build brands and take them to market as they were envisaged by the founders. Today the brand proposition and promise is more often than not lost when the brand finds itself in the market. Marketing is more of a tactical exercise to achieve spurts rather than a long term plan to achieve and deliver business objectives. That's what we want to set right, our approach right from brand to marketing is defined by business objectives and performance based marketing.

Sep 2015

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