Hitech Lighting World Corporation

Mandaue city, Philippines

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  • Schreder, HL Lighting, Panasonic,TAL

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  • HL Lighting

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Hitech Lighting World Corporation offers smart & digital quality long-term lighting solutions together with our selected partners & distributors.

Our global products and world class after-sales-servicefor all industrial industrieshave been offered since 2006 and is known to be Simply Superior.

We offer internationally certified, recognized and accepted commercial solutions for local government units, distributors and private companies.

We provide specialized lighting for roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, industrial areas, oil, gas, mining, large sports areas, decorative needs and illumination projects.

We are an exclusive distributor for Schréder International, HL Lighting and TAL.

Together with Schréder and TAL we offer you more than 120 years of combined lighting experience to help you make the right decisions and get you the best solutions for your lighting needs.

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  • 107A, Krisdale Commercial Center, A.C. Cortes Avenue
    Mandaue city - 6014

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