Samantha's Delicacies

Dauis, Philippines

Food & Beverage > Bakery & Confectionery

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Samantha’s Delicacies is a company of makers of high-quality delicacies. The company is familiar to the Filipino’s taste of sweets which makes a dependable delicacy maker. We bring comfort delicacy to each and everyone, either you are at home or far from home.

Our Company values predictability and stability in delivering our products to our highly valued customers. We are introducing new local delicacy made in Bohol,” Samantha’s Delicacies”. The one thing that you need to know about it before you have the pleasure of tasting it yourself is that we put our reputation behind it and made our products with love and care. Tailored for our customers delight!

Our Company makes sure our costumer can familiarize and remember our products and be assured that meeting their expectations is our priority.

Our products are home-made with love and passion. We always make sure that our products are made with the best quality ingredients to bring out the taste that you’ll never forget.



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