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Antipolo, Philippines

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Desktop Digital Printing, Customized Products, Innovative Products for Giveaway

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Tarjeta Karta is a full time digital printing services company and distribution company of metal cards, innovative designs, medical essentials and unique business supplies such as technologically advance business cards, sophisticated invitation cards, on the spot giveaway, metal magnets, metal cuts, craft and arts cloths, personal protective equipment such as flip up eyeglasses faceshiels , earsaver and 3D facemask, magnetized car signages, and hair accessories, hairbows, clips, headbands and ponytails. The word "Tarjeta" came from the spanish word, meaning "card". Tarjeta Karta is the first in the Philippines who offers Personalized Metal Business Cards. It's Metal Business Cards is a registered patent with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPO), while its Tarjeta logo is a registered trademark with the IPO. We are also a member of Philippine Crafters Association (PCA) and Rizal Inventors and Innovators Society, Inc. (RIISI).

Jan 2018

1 - 10 employees

Less than ₱1 MM

Service Provider




Brand Owner

  • Head-office/Primary office

    B51 L71 Angelica Drive, Robinsons Homes East
    Antipolo - 1870

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