The Spin City Laundry Shop

Verified as TSC1023 Laundry Shop

Taguig, Philippines

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Extra Clean, Extra Fresh and Extra Safe Laundry Services.


Laundry Service provider for both residential and corporate clients since 2015.

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The Spin City Laundry Shop is a duly licensed company that provides full service laundry and dry cleaning with FREE pick-up and delivery. It was established in year 2015. Since then, it has built a reputation of providing professional and high quality standard of laundry service which caters to individuals and institutions. In the short span of time that the company was in the business, it has seen the enormous potential for it to expand to a bigger market.

The Spin City Laundry Shop believes that “100% customer satisfaction” is a significant element leading to service excellence. Thus, a customer service team has been set up as an efficient communication channel to its customers. They are committed to be total customer driven with high spirit of service straight from the heart. They treat every customer, every employee, every vendor, and every member of the community with dignity, respect, and professionalism at all times.

Jan 2015

11 - 30 employees

Less than ₱1 MM

  • 38-D, Mercedes Avenue
    Taguig - 1600

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