10 Traits that Power Entrepreneurial Success

10 Traits that Power Entrepreneurial Success


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

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Being an entrepreneur is challenging and perhaps not everybody’s cup of tea. What distinguishes successful entrepreneurs from unsuccessful ones? Are there any inherent qualities that drive certain individuals to become successful entrepreneurs?


Gallup studied 2,500 entrepreneurs to evaluate the behaviour and choices that initiate businesss etablishment and growth. After several years of research and numerous interviews, Gallup has listed 10 explicit qualities that propel business success:

  1. Business Focus
    The underlying motive for all decisions and actions is always business profit and growth.

  2. Confidence
    To have strong self-belief and to leverage one’s strengths for business growth.

  3. Creative Thinker
    Creative entrepreneurs are always thinking of unique ways to make their business better. They are aware of changes in the business arena and adept at out-of-the-box thinking. In addition, they are quick to adapt innovative business ideas and methodologies.

  4. Delegator 
    When a business is growing, smart entrepreneurs realise that they can’t do everything by themselves and they need to hand-over more responsibilities to their team.

  5. Determination
    Successful entrepreneurs persevere through tough times and their tenacity helps them to bounce back ever stronger.

  6. Independent
    To believe that one can single-handedly start and run a business a strong independent streak is necessary.

  7. Knowledge-Seeker
    Great entrepreneurs realise that ‘knowledge is power’ and they keep abreast of all industry developments and information to stay ahead of competitors.

  8. Promoter
    Effective entrepreneurs believe in endorsing their business and promoting it in all forums.

  9. Relationship-Builder
    Highly successful entrepreneurs usually have a knack for nurturing strong interpersonal skills with employees, clients and customers.

  10. Risk-Taker
    The very essence of entrepreneurship entails risk-taking and successful business persons are adept at taking calculated risks.




10 Traits that Power Entrepreneurial Success

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