3 fundamentals to get your business started in digital marketing

3 fundamentals to get your business started in digital marketing




14 Sep 2020, 14:05 — 5 min read

If you look back a hundred years ago, single paper marketing or advertising was already enough to catch your customer’s attention. Even in those times, one can notice that marketers were finding more ways to reach out to their customers through different strategies and executions. 

With the different kinds of marketing strategies, businesses were able to secure their market. However, with the new technology today, not only can you reach your customers locally, but globally as well!

In the Digital Age, people can connect 24/7 anytime and anywhere. As a result, a marketer should know how to navigate through the digital world to reach and even expand his or her market. 

Digital marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies these days since many businesses and brands are online. Having a great digital marketing can help one’s company stand out among the rest in the competitive environment of the digital world.

Here are some fundamentals of getting your business started in Digital Marketing.

1. Website Performance

A website needs to be fast, remember that your consumer expects convenience and may not be patient with a slow website. After three seconds if your website is not working, they can easily leave and look for other company websites. The most accessible electronic device of users is mobile phones; thus, a website needs to be mobile-friendly.

Besides, a website should be easy to read. Many internet users usually look for the company’s contact information first; hence, this should be placed where they can easily access it. Lastly, a website must be SEO optimized. People will be searching for it using a search engine so the website should be optimized such that the users can easily see it. 


2. Search Engine Optimization

Being exposed to the digital landscape, you may have encountered this term, Search Engine Optimization. SEO plays a great factor in getting your website, posts, pages up the search ranks and seen by your target market. Through the right SEO executions, you may be the first brand seen by a wide audience on Google, Yahoo and many more search engines.

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3. Attract more leads

It is not enough that you have created your website or started your presence online. You need to know digital marketing strategies to attract more leads to your business to create more opportunities for purchases from online and offline. 

Whatever you do as a marketer, the first thing that you need to think of is to let your customers know about it. The digital space that we are in keeps improving and every minute users are adding up. Make sure to reach your target audience in your entrepreneurial niche and turn them to become your clients or customers. 

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