4 ways to start 2019 strong for your business

4 ways to start 2019 strong for your business


GlobalLinker Staff

GlobalLinker Staff

3 Jan 2019, 15:57 — 3 min read

A new year is the perfect time to plan and set goals for your business.

If you’re still wondering what business goals to accomplish this year, here are some ways to help you start 2019 strong for your business.


1. Evaluate 2018 with your team
Learning from your past mistakes and successes can help and prepare your business for 2019. List down all the events or projects that had mishaps and evaluate things to improve this year. You have to see what works for your business and what didn’t work. Review and discuss these aspects with your team until you arrive with solutions to improve your performance.


2. Help improve your employees’ performance
To start 2019 strong, your employees should be on the same page as your business goals. It will be difficult to reach your goals if others get left behind; there should be unity of purpose. You can start by 
providing feedback on the job performance of everyone and communicate with them regularly. If there are employees who’ve shown incredible performance in 2018, you should reward and acknowledge them. Likewise, if there are employees who’ve had poor performance, coach and help them do better.


3.  Build stronger connections with your customers
How can you engage with your customers better in 2019? That’s a good question you should ponder with your team. Listening to the feedback of your customers through your social media accounts or even doing surveys are some ways to reach out to them. With your customers’ responses, you can evaluate customer satisfaction, areas for improvement, and the like, which will improve your business prospects this year.


4. Elevate your social media and online presence

Never underestimate the power of social media on how it can effectively market your business. Do you know on which social media platforms your customers are most active? Have you started creating an e-commerce site for your business? If you haven’t done it yet, it’s time to do it in 2019!

GlobalLinker offers LINKER.store – a free do-it-yourself e-commerce store creator.


These are just some ways in which you can start 2019 strong. Do you have other ideas on how to welcome the new year for your business? Do share your insights in the comments section below.

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