6 tips for Mompreneurs

6 tips for Mompreneurs


Bettinna Carlos

Bettinna Carlos

283 week ago — 4 min read

Late last year, we opened our store, C Ki+chenry to the public. Through my video blog below, I want to tour you around C Ki+chenry and share some tips on how I manage to be a mompreneur.


Here are my six tips to manage life as a mompreneur.

1. Pray for everything
The Bible reminds us to not be anxious in everything, but instead pray for everything. Prayer is also important because we have many responsibilities as a mother. We tend to be overwhelmed with the many roles we are required to play in a day, but stressing about it will not help us. Take everything one day at a time and lift everything to God in prayer. 

2. Clearly define your responsibilities and workspace at home
You should clearly define your work and home life so that you’re in work mode when at work and you’re a mother when at home. It’s quite challenging for some mothers when they have a homebased
 business, but it’s an opportunity to teach your child that there’s a time for everything. There’s a time for you to work in your business and there’s a time to for you to be with your child.

3. Be thankful for everything and in everything - even the little things
You should always be thankful and remember that great things can come even from small steps and spaces.

4. Learn to let go and delegate
Learn to let go of some tasks and entrust it to other people as an opportunity for them to grow and learn. When we assign tasks, we have more time for important tasks and responsibilities such as to parent our child – that’s the one task that we can’t delegate to other people.

5. Do not be afraid and take advantage of available technology for free marketing
As a business owner, we want to maximize our profit while minimizing our cost or expenses.  There’s a wonderful tool that provides
us excellent business solutions for free - UnionBank GlobalLinker.

Through UnionBank GlobalLinker, you can post your menu or create your own online store for free with LINKER. Store. You can also be connected to suppliers locally and internationally.

In case you have questions about business and management, you can just post a question, and someone will answer through the Biz Forum. It has also many articles that you can read that can help your business grow.

To all mommies, it’s such a blessing to be a mompreneur – to have your own household to run and also your own business to manage. To make our mompreneur life smoother, I recommend you download UnionBank GlobalLinker now. The UnionBank GlobalLinker App is available on both Android and iOS.

And if you have time, please visit C Ki+chenry at The Grove by Rockwell, Pasig.    

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views, official policy or position of GlobalLinker. 

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