6 Ways to Grow Your Business with UnionBank GlobalLinker

6 Ways to Grow Your Business with UnionBank GlobalLinker

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As we are now living in the midst of a fast-paced digital age, entrepreneurs today have various channels to advertise themselves and their business to their desired market. UnionBank GlobalLinker is a digital platform that helps business owners like yourself build valuable connections with like-minded individuals.


Read on to learn how to use UnionBank GlobalLinker to expand your business to greater heights.


Connect with Network

Thinking of expanding your business connections? UnionBank GlobalLinker gives you suggestions of people you might know or people whose fields of work can be related to your business.


The power of word of mouth advertising is amplified in this digital age. Groups that cater to certain interests are also created on the site, giving you easier access to the channels that you want to reach. Sharing news and constantly updating your followers about your business can be easily done through UnionBank GlobalLinker.   


Online Trade with LINKER.store

The digital age has introduced a new breed of customers that rely heavily on the internet for a significant amount of their purchases. To address the needs of this ever-expanding market, online stores are popping up left, right and center. There are several online store platforms available for business owners, but having an online store of your own makes it easier to manage your business without the third-party fees from other online platforms.


With 5 easy to follow steps, you can also connect your business to the world by creating your own e-commerce site for free with the help of the LINKER.store feature. You can also choose to avail your own payment gateway linked to the site. This creates a more streamlined process for both you, the business owner, and your customers. Follow the tutorial available at the UnionBank GlobalLinker website, and you can be operating your digital business from anywhere you want with an internet connection in no time.


Exciting Deals at Biz Offers

On a constant search for ways to improve your entrepreneurial skills? Expanding your business is easier with the member-exclusive offers that are available in the Biz Offers tab of the UnionBank GlobalLinker website. Check out the workshops offered at discounted rates, as well as class offerings that can help enhance your business know-how. You can also increase your online presence with the website starter package available in the UnionBank GlobalLinker website. With a few clicks, you can build a website with the option of a customized domain for your business. Advertise your enterprise with a post or under the member listings option of Biz Offers. Stay tuned for offers online courses and workshops at discounted prices in partnership with esteemed organizations.


Be in the Know with Biz Forum

Want to stay on top of various industry updates and market trends? UnionBank GlobalLinker’s Biz Forum serves as a place to know how the market works, and how these movements can help improve your own business. A large number of users share helpful ideas and topics in the form of links and articles that you can apply to your personal workflow plan. If you are an entrepreneur with a knack for words, you can also write and post your own articles to share your knowledge with other people in the business.


Learn with SME Inspirations

Starting your entrepreneurial venture is never an easy business. Learn from fellow MSME owners as they share tips of the trade in UnionBank GlobalLinker’s SME Inspirations section. Read and explore the many stories on the UnionBank GlobalLinker site as we feature entrepreneurs from various walks of life as they share their journey towards their success.


Keep Track with Email, Calendar, and eBriefcase

Want to keep all your business conversations and contacts in one place for easier reference? Make collaboration an easier, streamlined process with UnionBank GlobalLinker’s Email, Calendar, and eBriefcase features.

  • Sync your Google Calendar with UnionBank GlobalLinker’s Calendar feature to update your connections with your business’ latest events. This feature can be utilized to inform your business partners your operating hours
  • You can also use the eBriefcase feature to upload relevant business files for easy access. There is less risk for personal files to be accessed by unauthorized people when the eBriefcase is used to store all your files.
  • Don’t forget to sign up your email with UnionBank GlobalLinker’s Email feature, and access all important aspects of your business in a single platform. Never miss an update from your favorite subscriptions, and minimize the need to sift through countless spam messages in one site.


UnionBank GlobalLinker is a powerful and comprehensive platform that can help you grow as an individual and as a business owner. Go ahead and explore the features on this platform, and you’ll find that they are suited for unique needs as an entrepreneur. Discover UnionBank GlobalLinker, and let us take your business to the next level.


Explore UnionBank GlobalLinker today! Go to https://unionbank.globallinker.com/ and check out the many features we have in store for your business.


Download the UnionBank GlobalLinker App, available in both Android and iOS.

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