Email marketing: The right marketing strategy for your business?

Email marketing: The right marketing strategy for your business?


Dhinesh kumar

Dhinesh kumar

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Background: Email marketing is when a business sends promotional messages to a target audience via mail. Dhinesh Kumar lists out the pros and cons of email marketing.

Several new businesses spend a lot for ad services like blogs, articles, SEO, PPC, PPV etc. But you must think before you spend a lot of money on digital marketing. I don’t say its waste, but it comes at a considerable cost. But if you opt for B2B mailing lists, it will easy for you to reach those customer directly who require your product.

Email marketing bring a lot of value. In fact, email has an average ROI of 38$ for each 1% spent. But keep in mind not all email will give you a return of $38; it should be crafted like a katana sword (simple, powerful and sharp). Email marketing continues to dominate the digital marketing landscape in terms of performance.

If you go for email marketing, you will directly ring the doorbell of a customer and sell your products. 


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Effective email marketing will boost your sale

If you go for email marketing, you will directly ring the doorbell of a customer and sell your products. Who can use email mail marketing? Anyone who has a product or project can use email marketing. For example, Amazon has built a positive reputation over time, such that even if you have a busy business schedule, if you receive a mail from them you are likely not to spam it or even delete it without reading. That’s the power of email, seller and product.

Following are the advantages and disadvantages of email marketing.



  • It’s a very easy, simple and economical method by which businesses can reach out to customers
  • It’s easy to track. You can check whether an email is read or not and lets you see what is engaging to your visitors or subscribers,
  • You can check the traffic of your website like visit counts on your website, the response for the product and the mails.
  • You can include as much information you want, and this is not necessarily true for other marketing channels.
  • It helps to create and expand brand recognition. Because your company brand is not just a logo. The tone, design and content of your communication help to establish your brand.

These are the pros of email marketing. So now you are thinking that you can go for email marketing services. Whoa! hold your horses, if there is a god, there is a devil too. Here are the disadvantages of email marketing.


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  • Most people won’t open your email. Your mail can get lost in the flood of mails people get. Unless the email subject line is perfect, one that compels the customer to open the mail.
  • It’s very easy to send emails to customers. At the same time for a customer, it’s very easy to find a ‘unsubscribe’ button for the mail to disappear.
  • Most customers will not read a mail, they will just mark it and delete the unread mail, or they will spam it. Unless the subject line is perfect to engage a customer. Avoid words like “Click Here” or “Once in a lifetime opportunity” and do not use excessive exclamation marks.
  • It takes time to create an email list and develop a marketing strategy.           

So, this is my expertise and experience with email marketing.

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