GlobalLinker: UnionBank’s Innovative Online Platform for MSMEs

GlobalLinker: UnionBank’s Innovative Online Platform for MSMEs

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UnionBank Publication

UnionBank Publication

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Union Bank of the Philippines introduced UnionBank GlobalLinker, a free and innovative platform that helps micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) grow online with tools for efficient business management and network expansion.

UnionBank’s pursuit of innovation includes equipping MSMEs, which make up 99.57 percent of Philippine establishments, with the tools and resources to scale up, go global, and contribute to nationwide growth. Through UnionBank’s UREKA Forum—the Bank’s lead social responsibility project and the country’s biggest e-Commerce mass conversion program after activating 1,500 MSMEs into digital commerce, MSMEs have been given opportunities to learn from industry giants, jumpstart their digitization, and convert their brick-and-mortar business model into brick-and-click.

The introduction of UnionBank GlobalLinker further amplifies the Bank’s advocacy for MSMEs to create a digital platform for business growth.



“We are strongly committed to empowering MSMEs in the Philippines by providing business solutions and other opportunities that meet their needs. Now we are going a step further through UnionBank GlobalLinker, an innovative digital platform that helps entrepreneurs efficiently manage their businesses. When MSMEs have access to this digital platform, it won’t be long before they find themselves in the global scene.” – UnionBank Vice President and UnionBank GlobalLinker Lead Proponent Dino N. Velasco


An Innovation-driven Network

By using the Network feature, MSME owners can link with other business owners who may be their potential supplier, partner or customer. They may find providers of products and services that can help their business.



News, articles, and discussions on industry developments are posted on Biz Forum, allowing users to stay up to date and share insights with others. Discussions under the Biz Forum also provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to promote their own products and services.

Building a personalized e-commerce store for free is possible on UnionBank GlobaLinker’s In just a few steps, entrepreneurs can build an online store that come with inventory management and data analysis tools, which can help make smarter data-driven decisions.


Productive Collaboration

 “Going online is the first major step for businesses to thrive on digital, but another thing that entrepreneurs should consider is the extent of efficiency that their tools deliver for them. That is why we made UnionBank GlobalLinker that single destination where they can be productive in the way they interact with colleagues and make use of online business solutions,” Velasco said.



When companies enroll in the platform, they get a storage service called eBriefcase where they can upload word files, spreadsheets, and slides. These files can be shared between users of the platform. Members can enjoy up to 1GB of free space while companies have an overall cap of 4GB.

UnionBank GlobalLinker also has a built-in calendar that helps users set meetings. The calendar lets users view the availability of their links and set recurring weekly or monthly meetings.

Save on Costs

Entrepreneurs on the platform can also avail of special deals and offers that save time, money, and effort. Thanks to UnionBank GlobalLinker’s Biz Offers, services become available on negotiated terms and are packaged to meet business needs.



Aside from giving MSMEs access to all the innovative tools and functions for efficient business management and networking, the platform also serves as a gateway to UnionBank’s different business solutions that can help organizations manage their finances.

“The shift to digital technology is a challenge for MSMEs but through UnionBank GlobaLinker, we make them our partners in our pursuit of innovation. We look forward to seeing more MSMEs grow on UnionBank GlobalLinker and reach their full potential,” Velasco said.

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